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Gauteng based midwifery services focusing on supporting women in their pregnancy and birthing choices – home births, vbacs and pregnancy support. 

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We believe that a positive and natural birth experience sets the standards for a positive family bond to be established.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as parents, to what is probably going to be the most exciting journey of your lives.

Great Expectations Midwives focuses on natural birth offering home birth and unit births in Gauteng. We are extremely passionate about home birthing, and believe it gives an expectant mother the opportunity to birth in an emotionally supportive environment.

My beliefs are to allow a mother her own space to birth naturally in, and to give her an opportunity to take control in labour and childbirth, but at the same time to keep her informed and ensure the safety of mother and baby at all times.


We do regular antenatal checkups which increase as the pregnancy progresses. We focus on giving relevant and personalised health education on the pregnancy as well as getting to know one another leading up to the birth.


We believe that it is your birth and therefore fit into your plans provided mom and baby are doing well on assessment, natural birth can occur in the comfort of your own home or at Genesis Maternity Clinic.



In the first week after delivery our postnatal checkups are done at your home, thereafter we are still available for support and advise up until 6 weeks, however the relationship and care normally extends well after that. 


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What our moms and dads say…

I cant even begin to explain how amazing Elrika and Sarah were ! Thank you for being the best midwives I could have chosen to deliever Indigo! You guys were always calm and caring! You can definitely see that this isnt just a job for you but a passion!!
Thank you 1000 times!!

Bodean Dullisear

After spending time with these lovely ladies, I felt absolutely empowered and completely confident in my body’s ability to birth and that is what their confidence in a mothers ability to birth and their calm reassuring presence did; it empowered
me to birth with absolute strength and a total confidence that my body knows exactly how to birth my baby.
Thank you to both of you!

Chamonix Boland

We had such an amazing homebirth experience, thanks to these two special people. Sarah and Elrika are loving, caring, professionals – and we are so thankful that we got to share this journey with them. They are definitely following their passion and calling!

Jenine van Dyk

Sarah is the best and most understanding midwife I’ve ever meet. She is amazing and ensures the calmest and happiest birth. I highly recommend her, she is so experienced and a beautiful person. My birth was like nothing I’ve experienced before. Thank you for my best birthing experience

Latisha Govender

Birth Stories

We love to hear your labour and birth stories from your perspective, and it can be really empowering to write it and look back on for yourself as well. These are our parents stories…

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“My Body knows how to have this baby just as my body knew how to grow it.” —Unknown 

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We look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope to fulfill your birthing dreams and expectations.


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